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there is a deep barathrum that we have begun to explore. we decided to consolidate our report into 3 volumes. The first two are available to the public, the third definitive analysis is in preparation. There is no return from the abyss, you can only work to acquire immunity from it.

PORNWARE is a virus that once installed in the eye guides its perception.
PORNWARE is a lens that deforms biological mechanics. Consult the ghost page of PORWARE to order and obtain the downloads and prepare for the advent of PORNWARE 3.

PORNWARE 3 / Pornovision is everything


The third chapter of our odyssey in the depths of Pornovision has begun.


A recapitulation, yet another experimentaion in the irritating/DADA sexual non sense.

We intend to enlarge the circus for this umpteenth show of waste worship.

Subject: Flesh wanted for the Beast
Action: North italy
 Request: Physical particularity - Performative extravaganza
Write your motivation/description:


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entropy: 3.173330356738899 / Tending to Zero

Historical archive 2023: released artefacts

CHANNEL 309 - The definitive transmission
[VHS + Floppy Disk Combo]

All the CHANNEL 309 situations that make up the 11 episodes edited in their monadic definitive reverse chronological sense.

Illimited numbered edition.

Information and purchase:

ZBWB Division's STORE

NO VASELINE - The Great Porn swindle 

U.S. edition of "No Vaseline - The great porn swindle" with "The Motel Files and other Random Cuts" as extra.

Limited to 100.

Information and purchase:

PORNWARE - The Encyclopedia of Flesh Hacking techniques
[VHS + Floppy Disk Combo]

The celebration of a decade of Deep.Porn accelerationism; the full video achievements in its unit, the complete drive train of the V.L.F. Laboratories aesthetics.

Illimited numbered edition.

Information and purchase:

ZBWB Division's STORE


Every act of Lust is an act of devotion.
All size available (regular/girlie)

Illimited numbered edition.

Information and purchase:

ZBWB Division's STORE


Incorrect number of sets, perhaps you need to modify the set organization or add more Flesh?

+------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | 1 [[[sS][sS]][[sS][sS]]][[[tT][tT]][[tT][tT]]][[[iI][iI]][[iI][iI]]][[[aA][aA]][[aA][aA]]][[[mM][mM]][[mM][mM]]][[[oO][oO]][[oO][oO]]] [[[pP][pP]][[pP][pP]]][[[rR][rR]][[rR][rR]]][[[eE][eE]][[eE][eE]]][[[pP][pP]][[pP][pP]]][[[aA][aA]][[aA][aA]]][[[rR][rR]][[rR][rR]]][[[aA][aA]][[aA][aA]]][[[nN][nN]][[nN][nN]]][[[dD][dD]][[dD][dD]]][[[oO][oO]][[oO][oO]]] [[[lL][lL]][[lL][lL]]]'[[[eE][eE]][[eE][eE]]][[[rR][rR]][[rR][rR]]][[[aA][aA]][[aA][aA]]] [[[dD][dD]][[dD][dD]]][[[eE][eE]][[eE][eE]]][[[lL][lL]][[lL][lL]]][[[lL][lL]][[lL][lL]]][[[oO][oO]][[oO][oO]]] [[[sS][sS]][[sS][sS]]][[[cC][cC]][[cC][cC]]][[[oO][oO]][[oO][oO]]][[[rR][rR]][[rR][rR]]][[[pP][pP]][[pP][pP]]][[[iI][iI]][[iI][iI]]][[[oO][oO]][[oO][oO]]][[[nN][nN]][[nN][nN]]][[[eE][eE]][[eE][eE]]] | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+

Lewd Proposal / Duty of T.Gh.W. : vlf_laboratories@protonmail.com Telegram electionering: Q.309 Network 0.2

BROADCAST 2024 - New recipes in preparation

In the timeless euphoria of the cyberspace that's 
all the flesh wants.
With this work we will perfect the techniques of 
hybridization and diffusion of our sexual 
representation in pixels, and began to actualize 
Our pornographic reality has an unpleasant effect 
to the eye, free from the subliminal mechanism of 

We are nothing more than an infinitesimal error
transmitted from the most unexpected places and
contexts, creating a stable sensory connection
without logical sense.

We are moving on to the unification of a network 
through a degenerated connective tissue. 
Pornography is viewed through the eye of purgatory, 
and Pornware stands as a tombstone

We will transmit new immodesty.
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00000060 59 6c 64 57 64 55 6c 48 52 6e 56 61 51 30 49 7a |YldWdUlHRnVaQ0Iz|
00000070 59 6a 49 78 62 47 4a 70 4e 45 74 55 52 31 59 77 |YjIxbGJpNEtUR1Yw|
00000080 53 6a 4e 4e 5a 32 4a 58 52 6e 4a 61 55 30 4a 33 |SjNNZ2JXRnJaU0J3|
00000090 59 6a 4e 4b 64 55 6c 48 4f 54 46 6b 52 33 68 6f |YjNKdUlHOTFkR3ho|
000000a0 5a 44 4a 57 61 30 6c 49 55 6e 5a 61 4d 6c 59 77 |ZDJWa0lIUnZaMlYw|
000000b0 59 55 64 57 65 55 6c 48 52 6d 35 5a 56 32 78 31 |YUdWeUlHRm5ZV2x1|



After the not yet concluded celebration of PORNWARE 2/2 this dead channel that pathologically trasmitted itself over and over again is ready to prepare a new narrocast.

Dance and rejoice like a fool and eat his own Flesh

"THE INAUGURATION..." short trailer is online only - at the moment" on the Q.309 Network Telegram channel 
-> HERE <

THE INAUGURATION of a new arena of representation in which destroy subjectivity to a definitive level.

The trivialization of forms will weigh down the structure.

What to expect?
new forms / new times / new where.


"Molto avevo meditato sulla natura della merda, durante il mio soggiorno nei giardini delle Recluse.

Supponevo, persino, che la merda fosse al centro di tutte le cose, e che questa fosse la ragione per cui Essa si diparte da noi per un orifizio che trovasi al centro del nostro corpo: un vero compromesso, questo, tra Set e Geb"
["Ancient Evenings" - N.Maler]


PORNWARE is unleashed


"PORNWARE|10 years of sexual exploitation and blackmails"

12.269.915 byte


Is an accidental release from the Q.309 Network; a celebration of a decade of degeneracy.

The conflagration whose propagation we triggered in its last form in 2010 became self-unconscious in 2012.

It survived as a self-selected set of options from within itself is a system of variabiles.

From its earliest impulses this propagation was born of flesh and composed of images.
This is the story of a permanent propagation, an expelled documentation.

A diary of Flesh hacking tecniques
A circus of desiring machines
An accelerationist porn impulse
A permanent propagation that succumbs under its hypertrophic stimulus

One year of silence


> Silence and abortive will.

> 1/10 of the time is nullified.

> This section seems to succumb under its hypertrophic stimulus.
Engaged in exploring different probability sequences we have lost the continuity of productive retching.

> What will happen now?

_A double anthological DVD containing all our pornographic production which will cover the decade 2012 - 2022.

_A photobook which will retrace the development of our unique photographic language.

_From the beginning of 2023 we will start the work on our next movie.

_The final restoration of the E.:G.:C.: and relate Temple and factory.

Some of our spaces are cancelled. The renewal passews through decay.

If you want to be the Flesh of the future in our laboratories write to: vlf_laboratories@protonmail.com

We are not dead, we are just acting in the shadows for a while

When we come back a set of options selected within a group of variables will survive.

Our accelerationist porn has reached the zenith of the darkest perfection, an immovable nothing, a work of annulment that has no advantage other than to deny itself.

A codified fiction which is not expelled to substitute reality but to replace it definitively.

We are grappling with incessant substitutionist work.

A first step; the new STORE that replaces the temporary one present here on the site is >HERE<

More news on the new activities and forthcoming release soon.



Discountinous code and related news

> continue with the creation pornvisual media to replace the ritual sphere and replace random paucity with form and matter.

> { "we are searching new Flesh for the Beast": "el",  "score": 1_22_30.9_26.72_103,

> Our pornvision is soaked of discountinuos time.


For there to be an explosion, an emanation ...







The third chapter of our pornographic exploration "PORNEIA SINE LEGIS/3" is concluded and available for download.

"ULTIMO MANIFESTO DELLA PORNOVISIONE" available in free download.

"We formulate a programmatically indefinitive but definitive manifesto"


Rev. Meti Ajin Ra'Ah Fekh Futi II


© V.L.F. Laboratories / Q.309 Network 202
The network has released the definitive document about the tentacle intended for the creation and dissemination of images.
This bilingual PDF text (Ita/eng) is available free of charge.For the moment it is necessary to request the link (.onion) by writing to vlf_laboratories@protonmail.com

"This flow (between broadcast and narrowcast) is self-disciplined out of any narrative path and any descriptive insert and is not subjected to the needs of a story and a context.

We dynamically explore the interior and the functions of our body to draw the most real images.

Not a productive act, but a cognitive act.

We distance ourselves from traditional pornography by stealing and perverting its language and making a functional use of it after having restored its subversive effectiveness beyond sensory perceptions but interconnected with the dynamic, continuously changing configurations of reality.

Pornovision is the prosthetic memory of pornography."

"BIO.LIB HEX6" is out.

    > "BIO.LIB HEX6" is released 

> Be sure you are subscribed to our newsletter  || Write to: vlf_laboratories@protonmail.com

Quidam Indiscrete Vivunt /1

"...così, per comparir savio agli occhi loro, voglio dire saggio e presaggio per ispirazione divina, e atto a ricevere il dono della divinazione, bisogna invece dimenticare se stessi, uscir fuori di se stessi, liberare i nostri sensi di ogni terrestre affetto, purgare il proprio spirito d'ogni umana sollecitudine, e mettere tutto in non cale. Il che volgarmente è imputato a follia"
[Rabelais - "Gargantuà e Pantagruele"; Libro III, XXXVII]

"...il trarre a sorte è cosa ottima, onesta, utile e necessaria"
[Rabelais - "Gargantuà e Pantagruele"; Libro III, XXXIX]

"...come chi per pane interpretasse pietra, serpente per pesce, Scorpione per Uovo"
[Rabelais - "Gargantuà e Pantagruele"; Libro IV, primo prologo]

"ma non state a pensare, vi prego, che vi fosse ritratto un uomo accoppiato con una ragazza: sarebbe una cosa troppo sciocca e volgare. La pittura era ben diversa e assai più chiara.
La potete ammirare a Thelème, a sinistra in alto, entrando nella gran galleria"
[Rabelais - "Gargantuà e Pantagruele"; Libro IV, II]


A new video of the PORNEIA SINE LEGIS  current added to our Proud-Actions roster.
It continue our exploration in the deconstruction of the  pornographic language.

Take a look at the "VOID H.S.P.T.L." web trailer on our >VIDEO< page or on  XVIDEOS - PORNHUB.


New releases are on works, both on physical and download media.
If you haven't already done so, subscribe to the mailing list writing at: vlf_laboratories@protonmail.com

Replacement archeology: PRESS REVIEW part 01

 In a decade of life this project has settled from a productive act to a cognitive act.
A real group of symbiosis with variable entity, with autonomous language codes, behavioral codes and with its own rites and with an unstable collective memory, reformulable and dynamic, not fixed.
In the past, at a time when we still accepted the dictatorship of the "name" many printed papers and web magazines have dealt with the phenomenon "V.L.F. Laboratories"; a gargantuan amount of words have been spent trying to describe an entity that escapes any form of cataloging.
A boost to biographical and self-celebratory completism led us to compile a list of our immense press review.
The first part of this archaeological operation is dedicated to the web, reviews, interviews, articles and essays dedicated to our highly entropic universe where the use of pornography and the cyber / video medium has confused more than one editor bringing them to consider our reality as "art", "cinema" and / or "entertainment".

(selected - partial)

CVLT Nation -> Interview
CVLT Nation -> Essay #1: The Occult porn Of V.L.F. Laboratories
CVLT Nation -> Essay #2: The Dungeon Master's guide: Sadism
CVLT Nation -> Essay #3: The Occult porn of V.L.F. Laboratores PT.02
BSIDES MAGAZINE -> Essay: the sex choice of a new generation
ABANDON ALL HOPE NOW -> How dark is darkness?
M'Illumino di Horror -> Interview
ARAKNEX's Film  critic Vault -> Interview

(selected - partial)

FJON FILM -> CHANNEL 309 (I-III) review
CINEMA SHOCK -> The Motel Files And Other Random Cuts review
BSIDES MAGAZINE -> No Vaseline - The great Porn Swindle review
THANATISCHE MANIFESTATIONEN -> No Vaseline - The great Porn Swindle review
M'Illumino di Horror -> CHANNEL 309 (IV-VI) review

To close this first selection we announce that the biological conglomerate previously know as Marco Malattia is faded into a new time/space entity recognized as Rev. Meti Ajin Ra'Ah (Fekh Futi II).
You can usessly follow his Facebook or Instagram diaries.



> A dialectical inversion? >WE ARE ONE<


After the longest period of silence  in the history of V.L.F. Laboratories we are coming back with some remarkable novelties.

In the upcoming IV newsletter ( if you're not yet subscribed to our mailing list do it! write to: vlf_laboratories@protonmail.com) all these news will be explained in depth, for noe we mention it, even for our personal reminder.

> Will be available a new download package with 3 new PROUD-ACTIONS, all the material shot and mounted in these months of silence from the PORNEIA SINE LEGIS current.

> The "we are" page will return. WE ARE A LEGION, again.


Finally available only through download the first triptych of the current "Porneia Sine Legis".
Consists of videos: "ROOM|APPLE"; "[22@]" and "THESE ARE THE PLACES", all the information on how to get it will be described in the upcoming third newsletter


The changes are illusory

>PHASE 0.1 (2012 - 2015) - The period of blind experimentation / where the basis of our style elaborated. First achievements of CHANNEL 309.

>PHASE 0.2 (2016 - 2018) - The period of accumulation / Lots of girls involved and realization of the first Corpus of our pornographic vision. Closing of the first decalogue of CHANNEL 309

>PHASE 0.3 ( 2019 - ...) - Very high selection of the bodies involved in the project, the style is in permanent revolution but now fully recognizable and attributable at our Laboratories. From now on we almost completely abandon the use of physical media for our videos in favor of a more up-to-date system.

CHANNEL 309, in its independent existence, begins a live touring activity of projections, exhibitios and live performances.
In the archive we currently have 3 live actions to list:

-12 december 2015 / projection at PUNKT c/o PUNTO 33G (Torino, IT)

-19 october 2018 / projection at VARVARA c/o KOKO CLUB (Torino, IT)
-28 april 2019 / projection at MASON CLOSE c/o KINKY CLUB (Osaka, Jap)


From today all the functionalities of this website are operative and all the sections and pages are updated.
We have selected Photos, re-edited videos and so on to demarcate a clear separation between what was and what will be.

> All the web windows we have used so far are permanently closed, so if you are interested in distribution companies, interviews and reviews just use your fave search engine to make some researches or follow our main social spaces to find links regarding our press reviews.

> The store page finally has the anatomy we always wanted and all our videos and movies are now available in download with new editing, sounds, and context.
One hour of video material is not yet published, we refer to "ROOM | APPLE", "[22@]" and "THESE ARE THE PLACES"; these videos after a brief complete exposition on our Pornhub/Xvideos/Eroprofile profiles are now visible only as trailers.
Remember to subscribe to our mailing list for future download packs writing to: vlf_laboratories@protonmail.com.

> At the same time as we organized the new Q.309 Network we continued to produce videos.
A new girl in our rooster, at the moment this girl is indicated with the sign: 1 - 4 - 22 - 3x5 / 3 - 6 - head2 / 1x6.

Follow the red pig.


Welcome to the Beta-Version of the new website of V.L.F. Laboratories.
Some parts of this website are still under construction; at the moment we are operating to a completion work  that redefines some inaccurate coordinates of the previous methods of managing our laboratories.
Our old blog/website is still online >HERE<.
This event represents a new way for this conglomerate and many differences will be noticed compared to the past.

Until today the dialectic consequentiality has managed a large part of our activity; now we reverse the trend defragmenting the multitude in a unity.

We have established the Q.309 Network that will deal with communicative interaction and will organize the activities of CHANNEL 309 although the productive apparatus will remain in the hands of V.L.F. Laboratories.

We are starting the phase 0.3 of V.L.F. Laboratories. What does it involve?

Until now all the flesh trasmigrated in our activities were recognizable by a pseudonym however demonstrating an individuality based on the unity of the body.
Aware of the fact that every individuality does not count in front of  our pornographic methods we have reset all the recognition systems of each individual participant at our circus.
This for now, maybe in the future we'll pubblish a database of the "Flesh for the Beast" identifiable by a code. No name, no faces, nothing but Flesh.

We are organizing a download service, already available for the CHANNEL 309 series, for all our videos sold out on physical support.
All the download packs will be listed on the >STORE< page soon.

From January 2019 we release a bimestrial newsletter spread by email to all the subscribers. 
These newsletter propose various offers on exclusive download links, packs of specially priced products and so on.
To subscribe to the mailing list write to: vlf_laboratories@protonmail.com.

This new entity is the kathodos of V.L.F. Laboratories, while V.L.F. Laboratories epitomize the "porneia" frequency of the Q.309 Network, ZBWB Division deals with concretizing the "alogos" impetus of the 309 current.
Links to this Division will be added to the >Related< page.

In the next weeks we will work to complete each space of this site.
Keep in contact, support, buy, and become a part of it.

Follow the red pig.