lunedì 28 ottobre 2019


After the longest period of silence  in the history of V.L.F. Laboratories we are coming back with some remarkable novelties.

In the upcoming IV newsletter ( if you're not yet subscribed to our mailing list do it! write to: vlf_laboratories@protonmail.com) all these news will be explained in depth, for noe we mention it, even for our personal reminder.

> Will be available a new download package with 3 new PROUD-ACTIONS, all the material shot and mounted in these months of silence from the PORNEIA SINE LEGIS current.

> The "we are" page will return. WE ARE A LEGION, again.

C H A N N E L   3 0 9

> The last episode of the CHANNEL 309  saga, the episode #00 that close the first emanation of this reality will be available in download at the beginning of the new year.
We still have some few copies of the physical version in special package. Visit our > STORE < to make this yours.

> On 16 September we had achieved yet another live projection in Osaka c/o the Kinky Club, in Osaka, Japan.
We are always looking for similar situations, if you are aware of places and situations where you can organize live events / screenings contact us at: vlf_laboratories@protonmail.com

giovedì 30 maggio 2019


Finally available only through download the first triptych of the current "Porneia Sine Legis".
Consists of videos: "ROOM|APPLE"; "[22@]" and "THESE ARE THE PLACES", all the information on how to get it will be described in the upcoming third newsletter.

Almost 1 hour of new material with our style fully developed; to see the trailers go to the >VIDEO< page and to buy them go to the >STORE< page.

After the release of the defitive versions of "No vaseline" and "The motel files and other random cuts" plus the related expansion packs there is a new hymn to pure pornography in three chapter.


NEWS: the girl previously known as Molly Nachash is back for another update of our video arsenal.

martedì 30 aprile 2019


 As previously mentioned we are on the phase 0.3 of this project, before describing the cgaracteristics of this new period we briefly mention the previous two:

>PHASE 0.1 (2012 - 2015) - The period of blind experimentation / where the basis of our style elaborated. First achievements of CHANNEL 309.

>PHASE 0.2 (2016 - 2018) - The period of accumulation / Lots of girls involved and realization of the first Corpus of our pornographic vision. Closing of the first decalogue of CHANNEL 309

>PHASE 0.3 ( 2019 - ...) - Very high selection of the bodies involved in the project, the style is in permanent revolution but now fully recognizable and attributable at our Laboratories. From now on we almost completely abandon the use of physical media for our videos in favor of a more up-to-date system.

CHANNEL 309, in its independent existence, begins a live touring activity of projections, exhibitios and live performances.
In the archive we currently have 3 live actions to list:
-12 december 2015 / projection at PUNKT c/o PUNTO 33G (Torino, IT)

-19 october 2018 / projection at VARVARA c/o KOKO CLUB (Torino, IT)
-28 april 2019 / projection at MASON CLOSE c/o KINKY CLUB (Osaka, Jap)

At the moment we are  moving in this direction; looking and creating new physical spaces for the propoagation of ours Proud Actions.
Our vill is, alongside the continuous prodution of visual material, bringing our ALOGOS / PORNEIA frequencies around the world in the incosistent form of visuality and in the material form of our interfaced bodies.

Our reserch continues to move parallel to the sphere of the sacred, we explore the sphere of the Impure, unifyng this perceived dualism.

giovedì 4 aprile 2019


From today all the functionalities of this website are operative and all the sections and pages are updated.
We have selected Photos, re-edited videos and so on to demarcate a clear separation between what was and what will be.

> All the web windows we have used so far are permanently closed, so if you are interested in distribution companies, interviews and reviews just use your fave search engine to make some researches or follow our main social spaces to find links regarding our press reviews.

> The store page finally has the anatomy we always wanted and all our videos and movies are now available in download with new editing, sounds, and context.
One hour of video material is not yet published, we refer to "ROOM | APPLE", "[22@]" and "THESE ARE THE PLACES"; these videos after a brief complete exposition on our Pornhub/Xvideos/Eroprofile profiles are now visible only as trailers.
Remember to subscribe to our mailing list for future download packs writing to: vlf_laboratories@protonmail.com.

> At the same time as we organized the new Q.309 Network we continued to produce videos.
A new girl in our rooster, at the moment this girl is indicated with the sign: 1 - 4 - 22 - 3x5 / 3 - 6 - head2 / 1x6.
This video is in editing phase.

Follow the red pig.

sabato 9 febbraio 2019


Welcome to the Beta-Version of the new website of V.L.F. Laboratories.
Some parts of this website are still under construction; at the moment we are operating to a completion work  that redefines some inaccurate coordinates of the previous methods of managing our laboratories.
Our old blog/website is still online >HERE<.
This event represents a new way for this conglomerate and many differences will be noticed compared to the past.

Until today the dialectic consequentiality has managed a large part of our activity; now we reverse the trend defragmenting the multitude in a unity.

We have established the Q.309 Network that will deal with communicative interaction and will organize the activities of CHANNEL 309 although the productive apparatus will remain in the hands of V.L.F. Laboratories.

We are starting the phase 0.3 of V.L.F. Laboratories. What does it involve?

Until now all the flesh trasmigrated in our activities were recognizable by a pseudonym however demonstrating an individuality based on the unity of the body.
Aware of the fact that every individuality does not count in front of  our pornographic methods we have reset all the recognition systems of each individual participant at our circus.
This for now, maybe in the future we'll pubblish a database of the "Flesh for the Beast" identifiable by a code. No name, no faces, nothing but Flesh.

We are organizing a download service, already available for the CHANNEL 309 series, for all our videos sold out on physical support.
All the download packs will be listed on the >STORE< page soon.

From January 2019 we release a bimestrial newsletter spread by email to all the subscribers. 
These newsletter propose various offers on exclusive download links, packs of specially priced products and so on.
To subscribe to the mailing list write to: vlf_laboratories@protonmail.com.

This new entity is the kathodos of V.L.F. Laboratories, while V.L.F. Laboratories epitomize the "porneia" frequency of the Q.309 Network, ZBWB Division deals with concretizing the "alogos" impetus of the 309 current.
Links to this Division will be added to the >Related< page.

In the next weeks we will work to complete each space of this site.
Keep in contact, support, buy, and become a part of it.

Follow the red pig.