lunedì 28 ottobre 2019


After the longest period of silence  in the history of V.L.F. Laboratories we are coming back with some remarkable novelties.

In the upcoming IV newsletter ( if you're not yet subscribed to our mailing list do it! write to: vlf_laboratories@protonmail.com) all these news will be explained in depth, for noe we mention it, even for our personal reminder.

> Will be available a new download package with 3 new PROUD-ACTIONS, all the material shot and mounted in these months of silence from the PORNEIA SINE LEGIS current.

> The "we are" page will return. WE ARE A LEGION, again.

C H A N N E L   3 0 9

> The last episode of the CHANNEL 309  saga, the episode #00 that close the first emanation of this reality will be available in download at the beginning of the new year.
We still have some few copies of the physical version in special package. Visit our > STORE < to make this yours.

> On 16 September we had achieved yet another live projection in Osaka c/o the Kinky Club, in Osaka, Japan.
We are always looking for similar situations, if you are aware of places and situations where you can organize live events / screenings contact us at: vlf_laboratories@protonmail.com

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