lunedì 28 ottobre 2019


After the longest period of silence  in the history of V.L.F. Laboratories we are coming back with some remarkable novelties.

In the upcoming IV newsletter ( if you're not yet subscribed to our mailing list do it! write to: vlf_laboratories@protonmail.com) all these news will be explained in depth, for noe we mention it, even for our personal reminder.

> Will be available a new download package with 3 new PROUD-ACTIONS, all the material shot and mounted in these months of silence from the PORNEIA SINE LEGIS current.

> The "we are" page will return. WE ARE A LEGION, again.

About C H A N N E L   3 0 9:

> On 16 September we had achieved yet another live projection in Osaka c/o the Kinky Club, in Osaka, Japan.
We are always looking for similar situations, if you are aware of places and situations where you can organize live events / screenings contact us at: vlf_laboratories@protonmail.com