Discontinuity, pornography and contradiction assume their perfect nature in the project CHANNEL 309, which we define as the summa trans-teologica of what has been expressed in recent years.
This work that has the name 309 leads us to the foundation of a instable context dedicated to Flesh, the eye and the actions that these perform.

CHANNEL 309 is a tractatus cryptica structura sexualis, a non-consequential frequency of pornographic inactivity.

CHANNEL 309 is where all were disowned and reassembled in a corpus of accumulation that led to a systematic destruction of  every linguistic mechanisms.
 CHANNEL 309 is  the experimentation of the flesh witnessed by the eye that becomes a tangible bodily place in which the "Other" is experienced, in this dimension all exists in potentia in every human Act.

CHANNEL 309 performs a work of no-personality, it's not a project of language or style, it's a stream a consciousness.

CHANNEL 309 is an ayinic act.

CHANNEL 309 is a rejection of creation as an art for its own sake.

The square stain, the action of the eye, to see is to create.

Innovation passes through the discontinuity.

CHANNEL 309 is the act of filming cold visual informations that will be the statement itself of the action.

CHANNEL 309 is waiting.

CHANNEL 309 defines a set of experiences that have proven themselves in the tangible world through a series of video emanations whose fil rouge was a borderline pornography expressed through a defragmentation of any dialectical form of communication.

From 2013 with the first episode to 2018 with episode 00 CHANNEL 309 has issued 10 episodes.
In this ten minutes trailer we summarize more than 4 hours of transmission edited in the firsts 9 episodes. 

CHANNEL 309 episode #00 is an anthology of ritual coincidences which projects the aesthetics, the attitude and the current of CHANNEL 309 in his definitive form, it represents the breaking point of a reality that claims its independence from everything.

The episode #00 (BASE ZQQ) is the first step toward a new centripede equilibrium, a new step in the continuos permanent revolution that is our current.

All the phenomena which are reproduced are impermanent.
All things polluted are miserable.
All phenomena are empty and without self.
If you can't identify the thing imputed you can capture the non- existence of it.

We are not what we are.

A portion of the actions witnessed over the years have given rise to various concretizations over time on a series of episodes.

All of them are available in various solutions at our >STORE<.

2 commenti:

  1. Sally Butter Plump Laughing

    i'm trying to memorize you
    all your red and dark parts
    and how they moved
    and made your hair sway
    feeling you as if a brailed page

    i'm evil i said
    want things

    make it sharper
    break through
    mush my freckles
    stalk spit and ash
    etch a sketch blood trails
    and open the bonus hole

    come here carnivore
    pork butt me
    bone in
    ingeniously constructed
    Siamese blue
    with high cheek bones
    that make you look at her ass

    the crime scene
    two forks, a spoon
    some torn photo documentation
    and an upload
    of a rhapsodic curved cunt
    and butt gumbo
    on Death Addicts
    needle of necrophiles

    silence breaking silence
    on a hook
    glazed and trussed
    Sally Butter Plump Laughing

    she sees through epiphanies eyes
    slanting into pain
    for dazzling pleasures
    that thrill
    dread red

  2. Private Video

    a wild night video
    for the dark web
    3 atlean men
    and a girl

    she got it like
    she never got it before
    and will pine
    for the rest of her days
    screaming to the hells
    more more more
    in a reimagined language

    the regression to Lilith
    fuck fingering
    the world
    it never felt so good

    boned and man handled
    shot by shot
    mouth to rectum to cunt
    split and folded
    tooth and nail
    drives the sexual blood
    of the world

    cock monsters like
    T Rex
    a ritual infliction
    butter meat of dreams
    pain sensually
    reworked into pleasure
    white-hot and and oh so sweet
    married to a paradox
    like feeling good
    about feeling bad

    give me your ankles bitch
    an unveiled immediacy

    right off the bat
    i got just the girl
    confiding in me
    so ready to die
    like an Aztec princess
    to be the star
    an engorged circus
    a blizzard of snakes
    strangle fang and spew

    a swansong exhibition
    in blood soaked ponytails
    a bobbing head
    choke throat
    pussy picnic table
    mayonnaise wounds
    mediating power
    in a psychoanalytic fetish

    death is not death
    but performative submission
    her body ransacked
    in tooth marks
    and blood tipped nipples

    steaming eraser head
    a scum soaked
    chicken on a plate
    eradicating reality

    are you gonna eat that

    pass the ass
    collapses time
    lust a custodian
    of human archeology

    cunt piñata
    baring gifts
    of squirty pork gasms
    poontang and Chicharron nipples
    corpus of erotic horror
    as liberation
    breaks the vessel of time

    her bottom is la la land
    a knife up the ass
    to corporal reality


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