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  1. There's nothing quite like this and I totally love what you do!!!! I'm curious to the meaning of each sigil and want to know more
    What a dark delicious turn on!!!!!!

  2. i would like to book a vacation in your sex blood fuck shit hell ........mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm <3

  3. Erotic Imagist

    there is a door
    in my mind

    a black ocean
    that smears me in two

    between love
    and the dissolute

    i hear
    a storm of thick whispers
    a breath calling
    in free fall

    my malleable lover
    plays voodoo poppet
    carousel of lady buddhas
    diagramed unholy whore fucks
    with scumbag eyeballs
    contort an eager ruin
    an ornamental cadaver
    in a lake of tears

    give me flesh
    smell my blood
    and rich cunt
    bouquet of fuck the bitch
    transfixed eyes of flames
    spread legs wide
    thigh spillway buttered

    loving the snag
    and strangle
    of a silk tourniquet
    watch me shunt
    and glassy stare
    a glittering doll shimmy
    blood bauble
    and flapping tongue
    torrent of curving jaws
    and spit cock

    clever teeth
    to tear
    and lips to be torn
    a cockeyed brain
    drowning in
    illegible consciousness
    for foot slaves
    in a sweat and loin
    magick show

    body of irresistible horror
    in descending spirals
    to love
    in the grotto
    of furies
    imbued with prayers
    that fill the spaces
    in her throat

    martyr of transfiguration
    she falls as
    dust through my finger's

    i depend on her

    tapestry of shuddering lust
    in moist air
    locked behind
    a stained door
    marked no exit

    this savage pageant


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