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  1. Invisible Crimes Against the Self... Chaos Sex Magick

    a mishap
    fudged together
    in a blur
    by the onerous fate

    a throw away girl
    death addict
    in a racket of echoes

    panties and spit
    relics of witchcraft
    in a foot licking
    satanic ritual

    she picked him
    like a con mark
    for the realization
    of her shadow dream
    to escape from form
    in a shaking bed

    spread herself wide
    for the black sound
    a museum of the void
    like a musical water
    to drown in
    she should not want
    with a weight
    and piercing
    that holds immovable

    of brazen villain's
    glistening cocks
    pumped her mouth
    like gas
    for obliterations
    throat bashing

    she loved
    the hideous end
    of herself
    splayed  straddled
    a bloody archaeology 
    of kisses withering
    razor peeled nipples
    and whorish curdling screams

    a deviant propulsion
    glitter mucous and blood
    drizzled from
    her lush red smeared lips
    with tears of mascara 
    in a ghoulish basement
    an object of desire
    for demons
    on the ceiling

    she abandons all hope
    lubricated her anus
    and cunt with Vaseline
    opened her thighs
    for a freakish novelty
    of shit soaked dildos
    and a  hemorrhaging orgiastic

    cut her tongue off
    with a razor
    like an eely tentacle
    still undulating
    and pinned it in bits
    to a fuck toy
    for valentines day

    her love and guts like a buffet
    glamorously featured
    with photo pics
    in Mademoiselle magazine
    smiling cockeyed
    drugged and staggering

    she put a rope
    around her neck
    as if in an embrace 

    and hung herself
    a spiraling horror
    pants off
    dance off
    until dead

  2. Your images are Filth, A Love Story:

  3. These images remain disturbed mental constructs rooted in a labyrinth of regressions where I destroy and create others and myself for the pure pleasure of it.


    I met "God
    and he said he would
    answer any question

    So I asked him why
    he left us
    to shed,
    to bleed,
    to hurt.

    He told me
    he saw it

    "and it
    was good"


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