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  1. Distortion

    distorted sex
    transmuting into exaggerated realms
    of bizarre emotional
    and mental surrealisms
    heightening to extremes
    in ways
    that can only be thought of 
    by the rational mind
    as insane

    We Are Not Insane!

    this is a religion 
    that meditates 
    on the fundamental contradiction of existence

    we have chosen the pleasures of the taboo 
    freedoms dictated
    by the most base 
    and demonically sensual nature
    which remain a powerful 
    liberating force 

    a contemplation 
    mapping our  
    experience of shadow desire 
    we live this violent contradiction
    of excess 
    to be free
    of reasons agony
    giving form to the formless
    undressing it
    moving back and forth
    between the centerpiece of life 
    and the intersectional void  death 
    where most deny
    both mortality and the forbidden
    Intertexted from reviews on Georges Batatille
    I love what you do!!!!!

  2. Acéphale/Headless

    human erotasisim
    essentially submerged
    in a grim compulsion
    where blood
    is more resplendent
    in death than in life

    path of consumption
    a contagion of love madness

    what does it mean to be human?

    analysis of an imaginative animal
    out side the structures of power
    and their conventions

    if you ever figure it out
    you'll never look at your eggs
    the same way again

    sex is evil
    taking you to the summit
    of death

    death strengthens eroticism
    and erotasisim
    strengthens death

    where we are driven to look
    yet hate to

    sex frenzy murder
    joyful illumination of the base
    stunningly beautiful
    and absolutely horrifying

    romantic poetic and despised
    this is not poetry or film
    this is witchcraft

  3. Ritual of Endings

    between the umbilicus of limbo,
    and the theater of cruelty
    the rational world remains a derelict
    shoe box void

    welcome are hallucinations
    abolishing reason
    that give meaning
    to blood shot
    gazing walls
    beyond  the limits
    of sanity
    where madness can not be opposed
    in a world
    of tug a war aberrations

    a lyric breathed voiceshoots through
    nerve membranes
    while marching
    an infantry of
    squat shadows
    and false memories   
    that move like flames 
    in a vacant lot
    of burning violets

    she goes hungry

    a snake head
    eats its tail
    in graves
    scattered voice
    and speechless tongue

    arteries pulse vermillion
    naked and wanton
    waiting to be pierced
    for schizo's release
    in a lyric of dreads desire

    a tidal force
    lifts a dirigible of hell
    in a fountain of blood

    moonstruck in torn panties
    a spreading bride
    dissolves hoop-armed
    around a formless shadow
    her beloved killer
    foot stones kiss

  4. The Cadaver Stares

    my name written
    in her uninhabited stare
    beckoning for cockamamie
    red summers dark kiss
    like concussed
    dropped video loops

    slippery mouth
    flute song
    transiting star to star
    and bugle horns
    of gravity bend light
    through her
    white knuckle bones

    velvet kiss
    in asylum of sparks
    splays queen fatale
    with raptur'd eyes
    posing in the shape
    of a switch blade orgasm

    every slit a shiver
    her foot just so
    she minds her dance
    in a dooms day skirt
    flouting a royal
    procession of red
    while a black rat cupid
    rapes my psyche

    de thing a fy me
    she said
    make death risque
    like a dead end with a martini
    and a ghastly
    vermillion mouth

    go a head she sneered
    take a stab at it

    maniac Venus
    shakes off her blood
    dead cat bounce
    with shimmy shoulders
    a honey comb tongue
    and a lyrical cadaverous stare
    married to a hole

  5. I love what you do!!! do u like my poems ,,,would like them on your site ...Let me know and thank you

  6. KiIl sHarE

    princess blood cult
    throne of tethers
    rumor's of frazzle drip
    and blood spatters
    on a bed of hooks

    marks the nipples
    she bled they fed
    in love in bed

    torn dress and wires
    form a squandered torso
    bare feet dangle
    broken heals
    while skies shriek knotted eyes
    watching  her
    get it hard

    cunt and tumble
    in this little black house of madness
    fucked her in a sack of sins
    to be butt buckarooed
    in wood shed paradise

    welcoming death by sexicide
    back stroke head over heals
    flirts in the grave yard
    hacked and black

    fig orchard cock
    the mole that snuggles her
    while thighs shudder with anticipation
    and hurricane tongue
    licks grinning balls
    for pudenda's pillow
    shimming black light disco daggers
    down her lips
    to tits
    to thighs
    to drooling
    shucked oyster
    ravenous beauty

    whimpering disciple
    of enticing wounds
    bloom in gloom
    that taste like taffy panicked orgasms

    from head
    to lips
    to feet
    infernal opera of blood
    weeping barbarous 
    beezel blaba blaba

    staining labyrinth floors
    in soiled cathedrals
    that grow phantasm mold
    and whispers death music

    chopped her in two
    she  squirms
    like shivering
    inkblots of madness
    cu cu cu cu cu cu

    get the knife she shrills
    pump the rump
    swing the scythe
    annex the bone
    smudge lips spit and blood
    while moon eyes turn smoky gauze
    and heads swivels hula

    spread the shag
    yields a spooled mouth contortion

    her ass crack
    a smile of accomplishment
    and ballet feet
    stretch tickle toes
    for heavens edge

    she pants rolling away dark air
    in an uneasy creeping
    and widens thighs
    like a pithed frog
    for a miracle of oblivion

    takes the shadowed vow
    bride of submission
    happy in his hands
    falling as silence falls
    she spreads like bat wing umbrellas


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