Replacement archeology: PRESS REVIEW part 01

 In a decade of life this project has settled from a productive act to a cognitive act.
A real group of symbiosis with variable entity, with autonomous language codes, behavioral codes and with its own rites and with an unstable collective memory, reformulable and dynamic, not fixed.
In the past, at a time when we still accepted the dictatorship of the "name" many printed papers and web magazines have dealt with the phenomenon "V.L.F. Laboratories"; a gargantuan amount of words have been spent trying to describe an entity that escapes any form of cataloging.
A boost to biographical and self-celebratory completism led us to compile a list of our immense press review.
The first part of this archaeological operation is dedicated to the web, reviews, interviews, articles and essays dedicated to our highly entropic universe where the use of pornography and the cyber / video medium has confused more than one editor bringing them to consider our reality as "art", "cinema" and / or "entertainment".

(selected - partial)

CVLT Nation -> Interview
CVLT Nation -> Essay #1: The Occult porn Of V.L.F. Laboratories
CVLT Nation -> Essay #2: The Dungeon Master's guide: Sadism
CVLT Nation -> Essay #3: The Occult porn of V.L.F. Laboratores PT.02
BSIDES MAGAZINE -> Essay: the sex choice of a new generation
ABANDON ALL HOPE NOW -> How dark is darkness?
M'Illumino di Horror -> Interview
ARAKNEX's Film  critic Vault -> Interview

(selected - partial)

FJON FILM -> CHANNEL 309 (I-III) review
CINEMA SHOCK -> The Motel Files And Other Random Cuts review
BSIDES MAGAZINE -> No Vaseline - The great Porn Swindle review
THANATISCHE MANIFESTATIONEN -> No Vaseline - The great Porn Swindle review
M'Illumino di Horror -> CHANNEL 309 (IV-VI) review

To close this first selection we announce that the biological conglomerate previously know as Marco Malattia is faded into a new time/space entity recognized as Rev. Meti Ajin Ra'Ah (Fekh Futi II).
You can usessly follow his Facebook or Instagram diaries.