GOVNOED REVUE is the official photozine from the  V.L.F. Laboratories. 

GOVNOED REVUE each number proposes 10 photographies printed on AGFA supreme paper

GOVNOED REVUE  is released irregularly,
eclectically paginated and indeterministically edited, every release is limitated to 49 hand numbered copies.


N°2 | Volume#02 - AVAILABLE at our >STORE<
N°1 | Volume#02 - SOLD OUT
N°5 | Volume#01 - SOLD OUT
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N°2 | Volume#01 - SOLD OUT
N°1 | Volume#01 - SOLD OUT

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  1. Disturbing Fleshy Text

    body genre
    at a carnal address
    sensory and sensuous effects
    digital images
    anthropology of desire

    she tied a knot around his cock
    a wedding band made of shoelaces
    for the art of tongue and suck
    driving it in her mouth
    back and forth
    like a shift stick

    for the retina
    a puzzlement and fascination
    haptic screen of fiction

    adventure of  being pinned down
    an unpremeditated punctum

    the stadium of desire
    a shop window
    banality transcending banality
    the literal transformed
    into the erotic

    girl in a suitcase
    with a hole to fuck
    a treasure chest
    the leaky boundaries of erotica

    I packed her up
    limbless and threw
    her on the bed
    and with tender kisses
    of endless
    wet permutations
    three oozing holes
    into oblivion

    age play
    bimbo class
    weird ethnicity
    from Timbuktu
    racially motivated lust for a
    conveyance of
    fleshy intensities

    a big cock dips
    a tender dimple

    the violence of it
    a preemptive strike
    for everything imaginable
    in the cosmos
    finer than frog fur

    oh happy boner
    a suicide orgasm
    at the computer screen

    River Styx of flames


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