lunedì 4 gennaio 2021

CHANNEL 309. ACT#6 "D1A2 - עקרב בעקר"


00110010 00110000 00110010 00110001 :

The resumption of activities in the context of CHANNEL 309.

>>> discontinuous when the following expression is true >>>
We recognize this behavior, totally random fluctuations generated by automatic cycles.

Episode 11 is on work - The prequel at the Definitive.

As per the (absence of) program, we follow our repetitive patterns of turbulence that lead, as they have always led, to the inauguration of "the great factory"; new and restored.


"D1A2 - עקרב בעקר"

24h web transmission @ Twentythree.gq


A random bradcast based on the first 9 episodes of CHANNEL 309.


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